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The Moving Guide takes your privacy seriously and processes and uses your information in a secure manner. You can read The Moving Guide Privacy Statement on this page.
1. Who is The Moving Guide?

The online platform connects consumers and removals companies and guarantees the consumer a positive home moving experience. The Moving Guide offers the consumer the opportunity to progress a home move in a modern digital way and to find a suitable removals company. The consumer goes on to book his move via The Moving Guide.

2. What information does The Moving Guide collect and process?

The Moving Guide differentiates between personal details and anonymous details. Personal details are details which can be used to reveal your identity, such as your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and age. Anonymous data is data which cannot (now) be used to determine your identity.
 can obtain your personal details in a number of different ways, for example if you have provided these personal details yourself via this website, or in some other way.
When you visit the website, it uses cookies which are saved on your computer by your browser. Cookies are small information files which our server sends to your browser with the aim that this information will be sent back to our server when you visit the website again. These text files are saved in your computer's memory.
The cookies store information (such as your PC settings) to make easier for you when you visit the website the next time. Other than the IP address, this information does not include and address details or other personal details. You can change your browser settings so that no cookies are saved when you next use it. However, if you do this, you may not be able to use all the website's services. To find out more abut these functions, see your browser instructions or your browser's help function.

3. What will The Moving Guide use the information for?

The Moving Guide uses of (personal) data include:

  1. Optimising the service;
  2. Ensuring that your visit to the website is as fast as possible by using cookies;
  3. Supporting preparation for and/or progression of decisions to be taken by third parties with respect to entering into, giving shape to and terminating trade and labour relations.

For a complete overview of data processing, please refer to the aforementioned website:

In specific cases, personal data may also be used for other services. In this case, please see the specific purposes as set out at the end of this privacy statement.

4. Use by third parties

The Moving Guide will not pass personal data to third parties for marketing purposes (for example to send you advertising), without your explicit consent. The Moving Guide may pass data to third parties where this is necessary for it to provide its services and/or where this data cannot be traced back to you personally (such as automatically generated information, not the IP address). In other words, data may be passed to individuals and bodies authorised to receive and be given access to this data.
The Moving Guide may also make your data available to third parties involved in the processing and execution of the objectives, including companies within the legal structure of The Moving Guide. In certain situations, data may thus also be passed to organisations outside Norway
The Moving Guide may also make your data available to third parties to support preparation for and/or progression of decisions to be taken by third parties with respect to entering into, giving shape to and terminating trade and labour relations. This data will be passed to third parties only where they apply at least the equivalent level of protection for your personal data as specified in the The Moving Guide terms and conditions.
Finally, The Moving Guide may pass your details to third parties if it is obliged to do so on the basis of legal provisions, if it is forced to do so as the consequence of a legal case and/or if it considers this necessary in order to protect its own rights.

5. How does The Moving Guide protect your personal information?

The Moving Guide has in place suitable measures to safeguard your (personal) details against loss or against any form of unlawful processing. You data is at all times protected and treated confidentially, to the best of our ability.

6. Transfer of the business

As The Moving Guide continues to grow and develop, it is possible that one or more divisions or assets of the business will be transferred to a third party, or that The Moving Guide will merge with a third party. Your (personal) details will also be transferred if this happens.

7. What rights do you have with respect to the processing of personal data

The Moving Guide will inform you, unless there are (legal) exceptions, whether specific data is processed, and if the data contains inaccuracies, is incomplete or irrelevant for the purposes of processing or is processed in violation of the law, it will cooperate with any request to improve, supplement, screen or delete this data.
You also have the right oppose the processing of personal data on the grounds of special personal circumstances. The Moving Guide will review within four weeks of receipt whether the opposition should be upheld. If the opposition is upheld, The Moving Guide will cease processing your data with immediate effect.
Requests to see your personal data can be submitted in writing to The Moving Guide address above, with the wording Access to Personal Data. You must enclose a valid form of identification. If the request is agreed, within four weeks you will be provided with a full overview of your personal details which are recorded in the processing activities. If The Moving Guide has complied with a request to improve, supplement, delete or screen data, it will advise any third parties to which this data has been passed of the changes made. The Moving Guide is not required to comply with this if it is impossible or would involve disproportionate effort.

8. Changes to this Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement may be changed. Any such changes will be advised on the website and/or via notification to the users.

9. Questions

Should you have any questions about this Privacy Statement, please e-mail us at

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